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We have been working on an improved Social Review directory, where you can
easily search for the reviews that you want.

Finally, it’s done. You can check it out here > Social Review Directory

These are some of the new features:

1. Simply Type And Search

Simply enter the domain name of the program you want to research and read the reviews.Click Here

If there is no review for the program, it will display ‘No Review Found.’

2. Search By Category

If you do not have a specific program in mind but only want to look for something that works, you can do a search by category.

We have manually categorized the reviews based on the niche they are in
For example, if you are looking for a marketing system to promote your business, simply click the ‘Marketing System’ category. You will see all the reviewed programs and their ratings. Read More



You Can Now Track Conversions At 2 Levels

This is a question from a Leadsleap member related to Real Tracker and how to use it.

New Feature In TRT: You Can Now Track Conversions At 2 Levels
By: Kenneth (Admin) on February 20, 2017

We had a feature request from our fellow member, Nequan.

“Hello, I am loving the Real Tracker but I just have one question or suggestion. Is there a way for me track conversions on a 2nd level? For example, I can track my optins but I can’t seem to figure out how to track where my OTO sales are coming from after the optin. Is there a way for me to do this? And if not, do you have any plans on adding this feature? Thanks.”

This feature is ready.

The stats in the TRT Link Manager now looks like this:


Read more details here

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A new study says that watching funny cat videos on YouTube is good for you and you should do it as often as possible, regardless of whether you like cats or not.

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Watching funny YouTube videos has become a daily activity for most people, including myself..You also laugh like crazy when something tickles your funny bone. So to help you that make you Laugh so Hard … Because you have the right to be happy

What you have to say….

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I just receive this email from the admin teams of LeaseAdSpace Richard Weberg And Dan Robb. After reading it, I go for an upgrade from Amethyst Package to  Emerald Package. I paid $27 and I would like to share this email with you all here.

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What does this mean for you?

Please watch this video:

To be able to send solo ads you need to set up your solo ad receipt email, because you need to subscribe and receive them as well.

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Leased Ad Space


Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

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How to get referrals for free (ClixSense)

How to get referrals for free (ClixSense)



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To understand the purpose of Clixsense Auto Chain is ​​necessary to know what is and how it works ClixSense. ClixSense is a PTC (Paid To Click) of the best known, it works you register (see the link below) and you see ads you log in, you pay $ 0.01 per ad viewed and $ 0.01 for each see ad your referrals, get more referrals few greater your benefits. All we know these systems know that to make money with these systems the most important thing is to have active referrals earnings but are rather discouraging poor continuing our referrals and getting to discourage ourselves. With Clixsense Auto Chain your referrals will be very active because they know they will get referrals turn active, inactive users most of these systems have not mentioned (maybe you’re one of them). Would you become active if you saw that you referenced list grows and grows? But even though many of these systems for example Neobux earnings only give you referrals if you were active that day, that’s the key to be active (and turn your referrals are active). It is important to have a good list of referrals and to be active, if you have referrals or not assets are likely to finish yourself becoming a more inactive.

For all that has been created Clixsense Auto Chain, by join Clixsense Auto Chain you will not only get a good number of FREE referrals,your referrals will also get a good number of referrals, and best of all, All these referrals through Clixsense Auto Chain be fully active because they will know for sure that they will get referrals and their referrals will also turn asset because it will get up to turn your referrals. Just follow the instructions and start making money with Clixsense.

How does Clixsense Auto Chain works?

Clixsense Auto Chain bases its operation on the system of duplication, duplication here for ClixSense links, add your link once to the system, and soon you promote your link will be duplicated many times automatically.

Who can participate in Clixsense Auto Chain?

All those who already belong to ClixSense and those who do not belong to ClixSense and thanks to the power of duplication Clixsense Auto Chain can know ClixSense and operation, adhering to Clixsense Auto Chain. To join Clixsense Auto Chain copy and save all the text of this letter in your notebook, or a blogger after adding your link published this letter in forums, free ads, emails etc. added your link with the title: ” Clixsense Auto Chain, gets many referrals for free.”

Difference between Clixsense Auto Chain and a conventional chain

Conventional chains required for participation in, be referred to the chain in order to participate in it, even asking if you are registered in the program for which the chain has been created down you know of this program and losing the benefits have earned and then re-register in the program as mentioned in the chain.

Besides a conventional chain requires supervision of at least one person that while at first too fraught with problems, they increase as the chain grows, reaching a point where it is quite difficult for the supervisor to whom you are controlling the following referral, in addition to handling high traffic of mails, new users of the chain first ask the supervisor via email the link by which must in the string, then the supervisor should send the link to the payment schedule given to get referrals, the supervisor should monitor and save these links and then give them to new users of the chain. Some users go as far as to accuse these supervisors to give referrals to others when you touched them. Despite all this, these strings are really effective to get a limited number of referrals.

Clixsense Auto Chain With all this work is automatic, and does not need anyone’s supervision and also avoids the kind of accusations typical of a conventional chain.

Nor is it necessary to join Clixsense Auto Chain unsubscribe from ClixSense and is perfectly compatible Clixsense Auto Chain join but also belong to any other chain ClixSense.

Since Clixsense Auto Chain bases its operation on the power of duplication, a greater number of participants got higher level of duplicity of our link, reaching more people than many of them may already be registered with ClixSense and many others not even ClixSense have heard, these are the people who will become your referrals cycle at the end of your link.

Remember Clixsense Auto Chain -operation is based on the duplication of LINKS not get referrals today, if you follow the rules- Clixsense Auto Chain may not receive referrals today or tomorrow either, so you’ll be doing until you get referrals is that your link doubling leave until it’s your turn to get your question, it is then that your referrals will rain down massively.

Follow Clixsense Auto Chain standars, do not try to cheat to get referrals tomorrow, you’re hurting yourself and everyone. Probably get some referrals tomorrow if you cheat, but will be infinitely less than if you had waited your turn.

To join Clixsense Auto Chain follow these steps:

STEP 1. Copy everything full text Clixsense Auto Chain, do not change anything, to be effective Clixsense Auto Chain everyone should read the whole text, and save it to your notebook computer or computer. (Later you’ll need it).

STEP 2. In the list you see below this paragraph just click on the link that is in the highest position in the list (if the link does not work copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your browser) and join ClixSense (if already ClixSense a member of this step is not necessary) once registered your link located at ClixSense for referring users.

Position  1. http://www.clixsense.com/?4924848

Position 2.  http://www.clixsense.com/?4740001

Position 3. http://www.clixsense.com/?4878527

Positon 4.http://www.clixsense.com/?2202781

Position 5. http://www.clixsense.com/?2080028
STEP 3. Open your notebook with all the message and delete the link number 1, then passes the link number 2 to position 1, the link number 3 to number 2, the link number 4 to number 3, the link number 5 to number 4. thus the link that was when you saw Clixsense Auto Chain first in the number 1 position become vacant will be gone and ranked No. 5,  add your link to the position No 5. (Do not forget to add http:// before your link).

STEP 4. From here is where the real power of Auto Chain starts.

Start searching for online forums, bulletin boards, message boards, bulletin boards, chat sites (chats), discussions, discussion groups, online communities, everything that serves to spread the message and publishes Auto Chain the ALL AUTOCHAIN MESSAGE without changing anything except your link at number 5. Do not write it by hand, would spend hours writing, simply copy the contents of your scrapbook and paste to all these sites. Studies of this system are estimated to put 200 ads, my advice is to put more of these ads the first day and then put 1,2 or 3 each day, so your referrals continue to increase every day.

You can also send it to your contacts and friends, but do not spam, is annoying and it’s a crime. Spam is considered send such messages to recipients whose e-mail has reached you in one way or another and do not even know you had requested information about it.

It is proved that for every 200 people who see this type of ad at least 15 are joined. These 15 new members will do the same as you doubling your link.

You send 200 listings come together 15 people.

  1. 15 (1) = 15 people = Your link is duplicated 15 times.
  2. 15 (15) = 225 people = Your link is duplicated 225 times.
  3. 15 (225) = 3375 people = Your link is duplicated 3375 times.
  4. 15 (3375) = 50625 people = Your link is duplicated 50,625 times.
  5. 15 (50625) = 759375 people = Your link is duplicated 759,375 times.

Realistically you’re not going to get to the end of your cycle 759,375 referrals, this is totally impossible, but suppose you get 100 referrals (a ridiculous figure watching the level of duplication of your links). Was it worth losing 5 minutes a day?

How can you win?

Assuming that we won those 100 referrals in a program and that the program will pay 0.01 cent per click or email and clicks or maximum daily emails are 4’re winning:

$ 0.04 for your daily clicks.

$ 4 daily for the clicks of your referrals.

$ 0.04 x 30 days = $ 1.2

$ 4 x 30 days = $ 120

What makes a total of $ 121.2 monthly PTC or PTR, if you participate in several PTCS Autochains or Pars imagine how much you can earn per month for those 5 minutes a day. Even having achieved only 10 referrals for PTC and earn $ 12 per month for PTC or PTR and you will have been worthwhile to participate.

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This new program just opened up..Leased Ad Space It’s a powerful new advertising program.

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How much advertising can $7 get you at Leased Ad Space?

There are 7 levels of membership. You have to start with level 1, but then you can upgrade.

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That alone is not very impressive … or at least, I don’t think so.

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